Saturday, January 23, 2010

Helping the Haitian Community Here

This is an appeal especially to help those who were visiting family in our area for the holidays and were unexpectedly stranded because of the Earthquake. . .

Please send to as many colleagues priest as possible so they know in what we are involve at the Haitian Congregation of the Good Samaritan.Thank you for your ongoing support.

Attached is the quote we receive for the Phones and solar panel we desperately need in order to equip 5 community leaders in Haiti with a means of communication with us

Here is a list of Items we are collecting to support family here (As I clearly explained, I don't want to be part of the confusion in Haiti. All items and money collected by HCGS is 100% dedicated to families visiting or irregularly present in USA) :

-Winter gloves, snow boot, shoes and clothing- One winter coat for a 6 year old little girl- Diapers, baby clothes and coats, wipes & bottles, infant rice cereal, formula- Clean, gently used clothing, blankets & shoes.- tote bags, backpacks, lunch box etc.- Monetary Donations for TPS application and Employment Authorization, support for sheltering. Also used to buy airtime package for Satellite phone. -Canned food and dry food.Items for care packages are also welcome, things like: toothbrush/paste, baby wipes, soap, hand sanitizer, deodorant, maxi pads, etc.

The Rev Nathanael Saint-Pierre, MIS, MCPD,Priest in ChargeHaitian Congregation of the Good Samaritan661 East 219th StreetBronx NY 10467 / Cel: (917) 232-9583Tel: (718) 881-3779

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Annual Meeting

Our annual meeting will be held this Sunday, January24th during the 10:30 service. This will enable everyone to hear a very brief version of the committee's reports, see the 2010 budget and hear what is happening in the parish. Afterwards we will have a potluck lunch in the Parish Hall and have time to discuss any concerns of the parish. Please join us!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Haiti Update - Episcopal Church

Dear Friends in Christ:

We have devastating news to share with you from Haiti in the aftermath of the earthquake yesterday. According to reports I have received here in LesCayes, the damage in Port au Prince and areas around it is terrible.

There is no Cathedral. The entire Holy Trinity complex is gone. The convent for the Sisters of St. Margaret is gone. The Bishop's house is gone.The College St. Pierre is gone. The apartment for College St. Pierre is still standing. Bishop Duracin no longer has a house in which to live.

In Trouin, four people were killed during a service. In Grand Colline, the church is part of st Martin of tours is gone. In St. Etienne Buteau the church, the rectory and the school are gone. In Les Cayes, BTI is OK, but some people were injured trying to get out of the buildings during the quake. The rectory in Les Cayes is in very bad condition.

The Rev. Kesner Ajax
Executive Director, Bishop Tharp Institute (BTI)
8 Rue du Quai, Cayes
Tel. Office: 011-509-2286-4676011-509-2286-4677Mobile: 011-509-3445-3346011-509-3724-8376
Mailing address:100 Airport Ave Venice Fl. 34285
Or Partnership Program Coordinator
Episcopal Diocese of Haiti C/o Lynx Air
P.O. Box 407139Fort Lauderdale, FL 33340



We have all been devasted by the news of the earthquake and devastation in Haiti. At St. Stephen's we are especially effected by the tragedy because of our love for Florence and Frantz, members of the parish and also because of the many in our Food Cupboard who have family and friends in Haiti.

I have spent most of the morning on the phone to members of our extended parish family who have family and friends still in Haiti -- collecting names of those for whom we ought to pray by name. That list will be read in church on Sunday. Please keep all of those effected by this devastation in your prayers. Also, if you hear of anyone, in particular, that we should add please contact the parish office at (845) 735-8888.

May God Bless You All,