Monday, February 23, 2009

Elaine Wins Martin Luther King, Jr. Award!

Our very own Elaine has won the Martin Luther King, Jr. Award! Here is her speech given last month at the awards. . .

Thank you for teh honor to receive the Martin Luther King, Jr. Award.

There are many people that have played a great role in my life.

First and foremost my parents, Joseph and Gisela S. My father would have been so proud of me, if he was with us today. I would like to also thank my mom and sister, Maria, who have been with me and help me on a daily basis.

In addition to my family, I receive support through my church and Reverend Susan. I am an active member and enjoy attending St. Stephen's Church in Pearl River.

I am also lucky to have teh support of ARC Rockland and especially, Karyl. In addition, Theresa, Kathleen, and teh staff from my residence help make my house a home. Ron and my fellow employees at Med World Pharmacy have helped me learn good work ethics.

Through the support of everyone I have been successful and have been honored with the Martin Luther King, Jr. Award today and for that, I am thankfu;.

Monday, February 09, 2009

Pancake Supper:Shrove Tuesday

We have our fantastic, unbelievable, not-to-be-missed Pancake Supper on Tuesday, February 24th from 5 - 7 p.m. !

The Youth Group will once again prepare and serve us a delicious meal of pancakes, sausages, bacon and other yummies and it's always. . .. "Eat What You Wish, Pay What You Want. . ."