Sunday, February 19, 2006

Food Cupboard News

Spring is not here yet - “Six more weeks”, according to the groundhog- but spring cleaning started early at St. Stephen’s. On Feb. 16, a team of Food Cupboard volunteers equipped with mops, cleaners, and a steam vacuum, set to work on a storage room that needed a thorough cleaning. After moving all the shelf units out of the room, Susan D. started cleaning and disinfecting the floor with a hot steam jet, while Gwyn, Cindy P., and Cristina dusted the shelves and cabinets and sorted the food for expired items. All the shelves were then relabelled and the food put back on them. The Food Cupboard room is now “Spick-and-Span” , smells nice and fresh and is waiting for any donation; the Postal Food drive is not until mid-May and we still need to pack for 21 families for the next two months - we have very little money left to buy food from the Regional Food Bank-. Thank you ALL for a job well done and thanks to Warden Ray, who donated a new cabinet!



At 3:26 PM, Blogger jane stormes said...

isn't that so coll...lets get more food though....what can we do...can we ask our groups that use the building as an 'admission' to meetings...or have a food mass? Just some thoughts...because we need...


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