Sunday, February 19, 2006

Daniel: Again

So to add to the indignity of taking my favorite series off the air, now the executives at NBC have decided not to show the last episode on the internet where I cannot believe it was doing tremendous harm to our young Episcopalians (is this who we are worried about being scarred by this show?) Anyhow, I pass on these five steps to getting this problem resolved so that I can go back to work. Please join me so I can go on to another subject for my crazy rants. Thanks.

Here are five active tasks you can do to help put The Book of Daniel back on the air. Do one or do them all, but we need everyone to help.

1. Send an email, voicing your displeasure, to this e-mail address, which is specific to The Book Of Daniel.

2. Sign the petition.

3. Send the petition address (or this entire message) to as many friends as you can think of and post the petition's address (or this entire message) on as many legal places on the Internet as you can. There are lots of Internet places on which you can do this without being a spammer. Another method is to send this message to five friends, asking each of them to send it to five friends and so on. That methods can be quite effective.

4. Call NBC.212-413-5000

5. Ask HBO to pick the series up!



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