Monday, December 26, 2005

National Church Survey

The ECUSA (National Church) is asking everybody to take this on-line survey. It is very quick and painless, so let's help out!

Greetings, y'all --
Are you an online junkie, checking blogs and websites several times a day for the latest opinions and news? Or do you consider yourself an e-mail neophyte, worried that you'll hit "reply all" and blat a private message to the whole list? Do you refer to your handheld as "my CrackBerry" and can't imagine life without it? Or does the idea of being unplugged and unwired sound really quite lovely, thank you? Church Publishing Inc. and the Church Pension Group are interested in learning more about how Episcopalians use technology in their daily lives and in their church and devotional lives. We've created a brief online survey, available at, which asks some questions about general technology use, computer platforms, Internet connectivity, worship patterns, personal devotional habits, etc. It's entirely anonymous – your e-mail address won't be collected or tracked. But your participation will help paint a clearer picture of how we as Episcopalians are incorporating technology into our lives. We'd appreciate it if you'd go to and spend a few minutes taking this short survey. Feel free to forward this message to other folks or lists whom you think might like to participate. And if you have any questions about the survey, don't hesitate to e-mail me at serdey@c...

Faithfully, Susie Erdey


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