Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Thanks be to God, It's Christmas!

In this very special season, I have been overcome with thanks for all the wonderful people here and the gifts they share so freely. Thanks for our wonderful creche in the sanctuary, thanks for the beautiful abundance of Christmas flowers in the church, thanks for all of you.

I especially want to thank the vestry today. What a marvelous group of men and women we have serving on the vestry. They struggle with tough issues and there is plenty of heated discussion, but at the end of the night they are really united by a spirit of respect and love. If you ever have the opportunity to serve on the vestry, please do. It is an experience that is both soul-stretching and remarkably faith producing.

And they do not get enough credit, to be sure, but thanks to the wonderful office staff. Jackie is here on Mondays, Gayle on Tuesdays, Gisela on Wednesdays, Pat on Thursdays, and Kathleen on Fridays. Without them, this place just wouldn't work and I am grateful to them all and the special gifts they each bring.

Thank you for reading our blog and may God continue to bless you greatly!


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