Monday, July 20, 2009

General Convention

I just got back from Anaheim, CA on Saturday from ten days at the General Convention of the Episcopal Church.

Southern California is gorgeous with perfect weather every day and lots to offer in terms of restaurants and activities.

The Convention itself was rather uneventful at least compared with previous ones. With the absence of some key conservative bishops -- they have largely left to join churches in other parts of the world -- the "new" Episcopal church is left a very happy and surprisingly liberal church.

Last GC there was controversy over a resolution passed on the last day to refrain from consecrating new, openly gay bishops. This year, a resolution affirming equal access to the episcopacy for all people passed by over 70 percent.

Other highlights included settling a disputed election for a bishop in Equador and approving a new plan for the Episcopal Church Pension Fund to create a health care plan for all clergy and lay employees. This health care plan would wind up saving churches money (as we have seen health care costs go up ten percent a year for the last eight years) while providing better care.

We can be proud of our diocese for leading the way in anti-racism work. One of the interesting things that was highlighted at the Convention was the work of New York, Maryland, Mississippi, and North Carolina are doing to talk about the legacy of slavery and how churches condoned and benefitted from its practices.

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