Thursday, December 08, 2005

Letter from our family from Haiti

This letter was given to us by our new friend Florence early in the fall. . .

Dear Friends of St. Stephen's Church,

My message to you will be brief

When we were living in Haiti, my husband was a college professor on a part-time basis and a Director of Administration and Finance at another university. I was a nurse and also did volunteer work at a church and a center for handicapped people.

I was always trying to help others, especially the poor and other people in need by giving them a number of things even what we needed at home. Sometimes, I had to go and buy what I had given and although my husband was not always happy with me, I felt that it was necessary to give to others and that I was doing God's will that way.

As you know, the political and economic situation in haiti is very bad and can be very stressful and we feared for the welfare and well being of our children. Although my husband was doing well professionally, we felt it necessary to consider moving to the US where the security situation was much better and our children could get a good education. We knew that life was not going to be easy for us, specially in the beginning, but we decided to face the difficulties ahead of us. As I was getting ready to leave Haiti, I gave away most of what I had instead of selling my furniture and appliances.

As you know, I had come here two months before my husband did to enroll the children in school so they could have a head start and we lived with members of my family. Life was not good and I was not a happy person and was discouraged and sad.

However, 10 days before my husband arrived, I received a message from God through a cousin of mine who told us that he had a plan for us. He would intervene and make things better for us at a church. We did not know when that would happen and in which church it would occur.

So when we finally found the apartment in Pearl River, we were planning to take our time buying the furniture since rent was high, and my husband had not yet found a job and we did not have much money.

But when we came to church on Sunday, Reverend Susan and all the members of the church welcomed us with open arms and helped us get settled in our house, which is fast becoming a home.

Because of your generosity and kindness, I am a firmer believer in God and I am again smiling and looking at the future with renewed confidence and trust in God.

And although we still don't have living room furniture, nor a car, computer, a car, a job, and a number of other things that people take for granted, I am happy and I want to thank Reverend Susan and every one of youy for what you have done for us and what God will allow us to do for each other in the future.

What else can I say. I believe that God will be merciful and generous toward you as you have been to us and will bless you as abundantly as I feel blessed today.

Thank you.

Update: They now have a fully furnished apartment and computer, but still no job or car. Please keep the family in your prayers.


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